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Information For Prospective Partners

 Thank you for your interest!

Currently, Catholic Unversity maintains partnerships with six other local schools and community-based organizations (for more information check out our Community Partners page), but we are always interested in considering new sites. If your school or organization is located with the NW or NE quadrant of DC, we would love to consider you!
At CUA the DC Reads program is run as part of the Campus Ministry department. We hire undergraduate tutors as part of our work-study program. We also take volunteers. Both work-study students and volunteers are asked to commit (on a semester by semester basis) to work at a specific school on specific days of the week. Your site's days and times will be set by you and our tutors will sign up to work at your site based on their university schedule. Though our program's focus is on reading and literacy skills, in the past, tutors have also worked to help local students improve their skills in other academic areas, including math, history, and technology, so please feel free to contact us with any and all tutoring inquiries.
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If you have any questions about the program or our application, please feel free to email us at or give us at call at 202-319-5575 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday.